This illustration was made for OYA magazine, on an articel about a guy writing a letter to a dead friend.

Some more pages...

... from my childrenbook on urban gardening. Have a look and remember that spring is coming soon :)

Children Book on Urban gardening

My children book Unser Garten- Mitten in der Stadt  finally came out last month. The story is about three little friends who start to have a secret garden in an abandoned place in their city district. 

Hope you enjoy it!

Further informations on the webpage of the publishing house Atlantis Verlag:

Xmas Rats

Happy Xmas Holidays!

Animal Alphabet

I decided two things for my blog. First one is to write in English, so people who don't speak German can understand what's it about. Its also a good English exercise for me :) And second is to upload some older pictures, which are laying around on my desktop- like this illustrations I did last year. They were for a children book about the alphabet, which I didn't finish.


48 h Neukölln Exibition, Wostel

                                 Bilder für die Ausstellung „Think about our Neighbourhood‟

Editorial Illustration- Kreativwirtschaft 2

Editorial Illustration- Kreativwirtschaft

Solidarität-Comic im Slanted Magazine

There is one page of my first comicbook "Solidarität" presented in the Design/Typography Magazin Slanted # 17. The issue is about lettering and typography in cartoons and comic. Check it out!

Work in Process...

                                           Work in Process..

                                           Stop-Motion Animation by Luci Lux and Parastu



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